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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors

Garage door FAQ page you’ll love to read

Take advantage of our FAQ page designed to give you answers to important garage door questions. Open the door to knowledge now and make the most out of everything you learn here in your own home.

What are safety beams and how do they work?

A safety beam is an invisible infrared electronic beam that deters the garage door from closing on a person, animal or object in its path. For the door to function, it must be placed at least 5-6  inches from the door.

Why is the emergency release cord necessary?

The emergency release cord is necessary for disconnecting the electric garage door opener from its automatic operation. You will need to do this when you need to open the door manually for some reason - for example in the event of a power cut or to free something or someone trapped under the door.

Which garage door type for a windy city?

Weather is one factor that should always be considered when it comes to garage doors. If you are living in a city or suburb prone to strong winds such as windstorms or hurricanes, you should ensure your door complies with the requirements of the building codes in your city. In this case, you may need to consider installing a heavy-duty wind load door. This type of door is structurally reinforced to withstand the prevailing winds in your area.

The door won't lift but the opener is working. What do I do?

This could indicate that the garage door has been inadvertently disengaged. It i  important to ensure that the red emergency release cord does not get pulled accidentally. If it has been, you will need to re-engage the whole carriage which will depend on the model of the garage door. Unpredictable door behavior can also indicate a problem with the sensors or opener motor - we recommend you contact our professionals.

How does a garage door transmitter work?

A garage door transmitter, or a remote, transmits a radio signal to your opener receiver. Typically, it is mounted on your garage, providing instruction to open your garage door. According to our experts, this technology has advanced and improved significantly throughout the years.


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