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How to Choose Garage Doors for Your New House

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How to Choose Garage Doors for Your New House

How to Choose Garage Doors for Your New House

Most of the time, when buying a new home, we have to make some changes and improvements in order to fit the new place to our family’s needs. Issues relating to our home security must always be given priority. According to some professionals in the real estate business in California, if you are going to make a list of the most important things you must do in your new house, garage door replacement and upgrade should be at the top of the list when it comes to improving the security of your property. A new door may provide you with greater protection against intrusion. Not only that, it could also improve the insulation efficiency of your house - but how do you go about choosing a new door?

Forget about the Past

Don’t be influenced by the existing garage door or openers in place - the industry moves on quickly and our recommendation is to consider what is on the market today rather than simply replacing what you have with the same.  Start by inspecting the garage door parts and see if they are in good condition or need replacement. Garage door springs, for example, can work for about 10000 cycles - it's worth trying to make some rough calculations based on their age to determine whether they need to be replaced or not. If they are considerably worn, its a good idea to have them replaced anyway.

Consider the Best Material for You

Aluminum overhead doors are very popular with families in San Francisco, but you should make your own choice according to your needs and personal taste.  Natural wood, for example, can be a great choice since there many amazing styles in the market. Metal is generally more durable and demands less maintenance over time, but if you do home improvements often and don’t mind painting the door once in a while, wood may be a good option. Climate is also important, as you need a door that will withstand the elements in the long run. Contemporary designers frequently suggest glass doors. These are more secure than you may think and actually require very little in terms of maintenance in the long run. The natural light they let in is also another major benefit.

Match the Door to the Opener

If you're not planning to replace your opener, you need to ensure that any new door you opt for is suitable for your opener's horsepower. The heavier the door you choose, the more hoursepower you will generally need - if you're current opener isn't up to the job, it may well be worth considering an opener replacement too rather than deal with larger problems down the line.

Replacing the Opener?

If you do decide to go ahead and replace the opener too, you will need to decide between the different systems available. If your bedroom is located above the garage, we generally advise against a chain drive opener as they can be fairly noisy. Belt drives are much quieter and screw drives represent the inbetween.

For further advice regarding new door installations and how to choose what's best for you, just give our experts at Garage Door Repair San Francisco a call - we'll be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.


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