Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

If you are looking to have an automatic garage door opener installed at your home, give us a call today to find out about our various opener related services.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our company provides affordable repair and maintenance services for garage doors, including spring replacement, so give us a call today to get all the information you need.

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Garage Door Remote Clicker

Garage Door Remote Clicker

Trust us to take care of your garage door remote control. From replacements, supplies and repairs, we have everything you need. So call us today to find out more.

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Exceptional and affordable garage door services

Check out our practical tips about garage doors from our dedicated page. Learn how to make the best decisions and how to take the right measures for keeping your door and opener in perfect operating condition. Get started right away. 

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of an insulated garage door

    Its main benefit is that it will make your garage and house more energy-efficient and save you money over a long period of time. No special maintenance is required. On the other hand, it requires a bigger initial investment. Additionally, if it is much heavier than your existing door, you may need to have a more powerful opener installed. 

  • Inspect the garage door hinges carefully

    The hinges should have round holes. If the holes have become oval or have widened too much, replacement will be required. The bolts which hold the hinges in place must be perfectly tight. Tighten them, if needed. Rusty hinges should be cleaned. If there is too much rust, the hinges should be replaced.

  • Check your corner brackets

    Corner brackets should be checked professionally, as they are connected to the cables that help open the door. As the cables are in a constant state of tension they should also be checked, for any disconnection can dislodge the brackets and cause serious injury.

  • Do not stand under a moving garage door

    When a garage door is moving, whether it is opening or closing, do not stand under it! If there is a failure in the mechanism or some malfunction, you could get trapped underneath and this is potentially very dangerous. The function of the garage door can be unstable so we should not be too confident and should always be careful when handling it.

  • Don't leave problems unattended

    Garage door repairs should be taken care of the moment you notice a component is out of order to avoid compromising the security of your family.

  • Pay attention to the little details

    Garage doors can guarantee security only when they are well maintained and our company suggests that the small details must also be taken care of immediately. If, for example, the garage door window glass is broken, call for a garage door window replacement instantly to avoid compromising home security.

  • Get the mechanical parts running

    Lubrication maintenance is one of the most important tasks that can keep your garage door parts in perfect condition. Our company knows exactly the quantity and what lubricants to use to ensure smooth operation and, therefore, can give you the proper advice on the matter.

  • Maintenance prevents problems

    You should devote some time once a week to check out the condition of the garage door parts. It’s better to perform regular maintenance in order to prevent problems.

  • Get incredible garage door remotes

    These days, you can find incredible garage door remotes in any size you want. The new technologies allow you to enter your garage faster and the codes cannot be copied, thanks to the advanced rolling code technology. The latest technologies would only need your fingertip or a personal password to let you in.

  • Troubleshooting for Automated Garage Doors

    Automated Garage Doors are without a doubt more complicated than the manual types. Therefore, it is better if you become acquainted with simple troubleshooting tricks to keep your door up and running at all times. For instance, our experts emphasize that when there is something wrong with the door, go back to the power source to check if it is connected.

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